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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 6, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we're going to help get your weekendtarted wh some great nute a motorcycle racer makes a pit stop for fuel. >> but some of that fuel gets spilled. >> see who's in the line of fire. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> when it all goes horribly wrong. first the bus nearly hits him and then the driver tells the cyclist. >> i'll run over you, no problem. >> the ugly war on the roads of dublin. dragon boats are in the heat of battle. >> they're getting kind of close. >> why it's close to a disaster.
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>> an when country super star brad paisley leads an impromptu jam session. >> watch what happens. ♪ >> now meet the lucky fan whose gopro played the guitar. >> here's the camera. there's little scrapes on the bottom which i'm stoked about. the isle manty is one of the world's most dangerous motorcycle races. it's ridden through the streets. with all that danger out on the track you might think the pit might be a little bit safer. that's not the case, at least for this guy, rider grant wagstaff, pulls into pit lane up to his pit box. couple mechanics approach the bike and start fiddling around. >> kind of funny to see the motorcycle pull up to a pit. >> right. >> i don't know if i've ever seen that. >> they're putting fuel in the bike along with other things. but some of that fuel gets
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spilled. the bike has been out on the track and erupts in flames. the rider grant wagstaff on fire. throws one of his mechanics in the background, also caught up in flames. somebody jumps in with a fire extinguisher but looks like the mechanic was dancing around for a few seconds before that fire was able to be put out. >> this is the biggest mistake you could make during this. do you fire your pit crew, get rid of your team? what do you do? >> it's a mistake that happens. it's scary when it happens. a lot of safety precautions have been taken in recent years to prevent this from happening. not sure what caused this incident to happen, though the mechanic was taken to the hospital and did require treatment for burns to his hands and face. he was in the hospital overnight before being released. there are videos all over the internet of mort vists and
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bicyclists duking it out on the roadways. this one in dublin, ireland. watch the bus in front of the cyclist we're riding with. you see him coming. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> don't do that. >> clearly a bike only lane. >> you're exactly right. this cyclist and other bikers riding in the bike lane, designated for the biker. the bus inches over into that lane and gets really, really close to this bicyclist. >> was there a bus stop coming up? >> that is under investigation, but the cyclist is not pleased with how this went down. so little confrontation takes place. >> mate, you moved over. >> [ inaudible ]. >> hard to tell what he said. they have thick irish accents. according to reports the bus driver says just go in front of me i'll run over you, no problem. in this moment the cyclist does feel threatened because he feels the bus driver has threatened to run over him. >> i don't get what the bus
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driver is upset about. it's a bike lane. everyone was in the lane until the bus came into the wrong lane. he's in the wrong. >> keep watching after this verbal confrontation takes place. >> there he goes again. >> pulls awfully close to the cyclists again. according to the poster of this video the rules of the road in ireland say that no vehicle may cross into or over a mandatory cycle track unless the driver is entering or leaving a place or a side road. once this video was posted and explained the issue, the dublin bus company has launched an investigation into this incident and said all incidents or accidents are investigated fully and if any breaches are found, appropriate action is taken immediately. >> you're telling me i'm going to die if i cycle in the cycle lane. >> we're in the heat of battle here on frenchman's bay in pickering, ontario. this is a dragon boat race. the race starts out pretty well,
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but you notice they're getting kind of close. these three boats collide. >> oops. >> where are they going? why would you -- and then you can't paddle because you're like paddling inside someone else's boat. >> this isn't like nascar where you can rub and keep going. isn't it the job of the guy at the back to steer, right? how does this happen? >> the guy who posted this video is the one in the middle and he feels like that woman in the green shirt on the right kind of got into his lane, but she says no, you're in my lane, and then this other boat is like, i don't know what's going on. >> the thing is, the race is straight. it's not like there's an inside lane or track better and shorter than the others. you just go straight. >> but i kind of like how the race ends because it's all kind of friendly. >> no way, guys. >> people who row are positive people. >> you're on the water, it's therapeutic, it's peaceful,
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usually do your training in the morning. >> i don't know. >> you're so positive. >> very broad statement. >> either getting out their negative aggression out there and that's why they do it in the first place. >> it makes it more positive. >> anger issues so it makes them more positive. >> like saying all tennis players are really kind. they're just really kind. all bowlers they have the best sense of humor. >> but i love the speech. let's just say morgan freeman doesn't have to worry about somebody stealing his roles. >> we're more pumped than ever. they attacked us. we need to attack them back. >> we've seen better locker room speeches in movies but i like this one because there were no fights. >> these guys. some guys are going to try to be tough guys until they're not. this is on a russian road. these two vehicles right here seem to be having some issues on the road. but then they come to a stop. the driver of this silver car
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gets out being a super tough guy. walks right over to where the y. ver of the red caris >> watch what happens. >> the guy basically got knocked down to his butt on the road. the guy on the ground tries to get back up, he keeps getting punched down. that second guy, watch what he does. kind of grabs his friend and they both stumble back over to the silver car. the guy in the car -- >> i hope that's not the driver. he can't even walk. how is he going drive after this? >> up to another tough guy in australia, this is at a train station. this gentleman right here, he has been in australia for five days. he's an african refugee. this man here, timothy williams, is demanding money. the refugee hands over some cash, but apparently not enough for timothy. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. right in the face.
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>> while the refugee is on the ground, he starts punching him brutally. if you count he manages to punch the refugee 19 times in just 39 seconds. he is able to free himself from this attack. he ended up needing some stitches and he lost three teeth. >> he could have killed the guy. >> did he get arrested? >> if you notice there's a woman with him right there. that's 28-year-old jamie haynes. she acted as a lookout for him and both of them did eventually end up being arrested. he has been sentenced to nine years in jail because of this attack. dude's got an hour to park, but mr. parking cop comes along early. >> and he walks by and marks rich's tire. >> why his early bird ways don't end there. and -- >> ready? >> see how dad uses a special instrument to practice his drumming skills. ♪
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this one is just going to chap your hyde. watch what happens here. when you walk out to your car and see the ticket on the window. ticks you off, right? here comes rich houston. he's backing into a spot right here. this is in the southwest region of western australia, parking outside of his business. he gets out. note the time.
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11:28. at 12:02 here comes the parking nanny in the yellow vest and he walks by and marks rich's tire. >> so he's over the time limit or something, right. but half hour parking or something? >> not yet. this is an hour parking so rich so far is well within that time limit. >> that's true. >> there goes the parking nanny, walks away at 12:03. >> he marked his tire as of what time he was there. >> exactly. >> look what time the guy comes back. >> 12 ":07. >> walks around and begins to take a picture of rich houston's license plate and writes him a ticket. >> hasn't been there an hour. >> no. >> the parking nanny ticketed him five minutes after he chalked the tire. >> for what? >> exactly. in rich's mind this is blatant disregard and misuse of this guy's power. brought it up to the city. they gave a statement saying
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blah-blah-blah, we have standards, investigation will be going on and yada. >> what do you have to investigate? a time stamp. the time tamp shows he got there at 11:28 and he got there at 12:07. >> those kind of tickets really stink. >> puppy digs a bed. ♪ >> when you're young the world is a magical place. you look around and think, how does this happen? >> how do things work? >> how do things work like these automatic doors? >>s this is little brian and this is his first interaction
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with the sliding door. can't figure out why it just opens on its own. it's magic. but never quite goes in. he just is mesmerized. >> when you're a kid you are mesmerized by even your own hand movements. >> and when you're a kid you're also mesmerized by your dad's hand movements. as in this video. >> ready. ♪ >> you can hear this little boy dying laughing through the whole thing and that almost sounds like part of the rhythm. sounds like an electronic effect. >> like a scratch. >> i like it. >> actually creating a rhythm. >> this guy is just practicing the drums. the dad in this video is brad and he's a drummer for a band called at kiss avenue. dad laughing and little boy loving it. >> need to get him at the next show, lay him out on the drum
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kit. >> yes. >> do a little bit of that. >> like a dj kit. >> that was good. firing a cactus at that guy's face. >> stupid, stupid man. >> that's what it looks like. >> see it next "right this minute." dude playing it cool, but then -- >> bust into these just extremely strange, weird moves. >> see his bust up shuffle next. >> yeah, he's going to the club with me. >> and -- >> one piece of gum equals five pounds. >> prankster jack veil says he holds the power of weight loss in a piece of gum. >> at least one lady in the crowd is really pissed off about jack's claims. >> how she gives him a piece of her mind. >> talking to -- >> horrible --
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all right. brakes, throttle. >> can't see these. >> stop. >> this is so fun. >> i think everybody knows the phrase dance like nobody is watching. that's what this guy was doing. he was dancing, didn't think anybody was watching but i'm so glad someone was. ♪ >> oh, yeah. look at him. >> kind of like drunk dancing. looks like he might fall over
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but breaks out into skills. the guy filmsing has a better name. >> white boy shuffle, white boy shuffle. >> this goes on for a while. i don't know how the dude is not tired after this. he's doing like flips, break dance kind of moves. it gets real weird right around here. watch this. he's going and slowing it down. slowing it down. the commentary is just hysterical. the dude loves it. >> oh, [ bleep ] look at the moves. [ bleep ]. i don't even think he's on drugs. i think he thinks it's filthyp. i've seen it all. i'm taking him to the club with me. >> he decides he's good i'm taking him to the club with me and makes a prediction. >> going to make you famous right now. >> i'm going to make you famous right now. and i think he did. now he's on our show. >> there he is. good job. >> i'm going to make you famous. >> there are so many weight loss plans, pills, diets, so why not
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add one more? >>ne piece of gum equals five pounds. gum and chew it, 25 pounds. >> who's out there hawking this product? buddy zach veil. he's claiming that you can lose 25 pounds in 15 minutes by just chewing his gum. >> going to try that? that would kill you. >> if it worked you could eat whatever you wanted every day. >> it does work. jack has physical proof that it works. people start gathering around. this kid in the blue hat, lose the 25 pounds. here's how it's done. there's the beginning weigh in, 250 pounds. take a couple laps around the building. >> you're going to run this way, this way, back. you're going to do that three times. >> the kid gets back on the scale and bingo, wouldn't you know it, down to 225. >> how is this happening? did he do a switch roo on the scale? >> or does the dude have a twin brother 25 pounds lighter? yes, he does. that's what jack is using.
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at least one laid yes in the crowd is really pissed off about jack's claims. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no. you don't think it works for everybody? >> no. >> this lady claims to be a nutritionist calling jack out saying no way. >> it would be physically impossible. the scale, there was no slight of hand with the scale. only way you can lose 25 pounds in two minutes is if you gave birth to triplets. >> yeah. >> just temporary. you're going to gain it back. >> she believed he lost it. if she said you're going to gain it back anyway. >> he convinced her kind of. country music star brad baisley -- paisley grabs the gopro. >> and starts playing the slide guitar with it basically. >> shut the front door. >> now the camera's owner breaks down the impromptu jam session. >> i couldn't believe it
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many opportunities as possible for him.
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every now and again a video comes across our computers that is absolutely awesome. this is one of those videos because it includes a country music super star, brad paisley. ♪ here he is rocking out in chicago with charlie and randy. they played a concert earlier in the night. this is post-concert at a place called joe's bar that's like 40 miles away from the actual concert venue. they kind of put on an impromptu show. they jammed until about 3:00 in the morning when the bar closed. even better than that, watch what happens. ♪ >> brad paisley takes the gopro and starts playing the slide guitar with it basically. >> oh, shut the front door. >> getting the shots.
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>> yeah. ♪ >> can you imagine this is your gopro, you just got this footage. >> much better. >> oh, yeah. >> to tell us how much better than an autograph, we have mike, the owner of the gopro, via skype from newport beach. how did you end up at this concert in. >> we were there the previous night and happened to meet the owr. he tolds y here tomorrow night but would not say why. we're like we have nothing to lose. let's go. about 11:30 brad tweet head was going to joe's for a pizza and beer. came on at 12 and unbelievable. i couldn't believe it happened. >> what's the guitar sound like when it's being played with a gopro. >> amazing when it's being played by brad. >> were you a fan of brad's before this? >> always been a fan and even a bigger fan. he was so cool, so humble, totally down to earth. just hanging out with all of us. he's high fiving people, taking the cameras and a doing selfies. they had no set no plan, sat up there and jammed. >> do you have your camera?
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can you explain how he was able to hold the camera and play at the same time. >> yeah. let me grab it. give me a second. here's the camera. i don't think you will be able to see but there's scrapes on the bottom which i'm stoked about. he was able to hold the camera and just gently press it on the strings. >> brad paisley actually tweeted this video out. how did that make you feel? >> oh, my gosh. i got a text at like 8:00 in the morning from my friend who was there with me and we're both like are you kidding me. that's insane. i couldn't believe it. so i think it is just a cool video. it got captured so well, it's perfect. you can tell he kind of had in mind where the camera would be watching and it worked out great. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos from the web right here, "right this minute." extreme sports fans turn into extreme hooligans. >> like laughing and high fiving each other. >> scaring drivers and shooting flairss fit for a bunch of jackals. a paraguiding flight goes out of control. >> spinning spinning spinning and then crash. >> why this video is not what you think. >> had me tooled. >> a riveting new series putting u.s. loggers on siberian


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